With Mangio a Km 0 you can find products from your homeland and receive them directly from producers. If you're looking for seasonal fruit or vegetables, meat or fish near to you, Mangio a Km 0 is the solution!

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Sell your products on the App

Find out how easy it is to post your products with Mangio a Km 0!

You choose the price with the short supply chain.

App mangio a Km 0, inserisci prodotto

1. Insert the product

It takes few minutes to sell your products.

2. Manage your orders

You finally have everything under controlo and well-organized.

3. Confirm the orders

Check and approve the orders you have received.

4. Deliver the product

It's your turn now!


Buy local!

Many delicious products are right next to you!

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1. Look for the product

Shopping is never been easier!

2. Contact the producer

We provide you all the means to get in touch with the producers.

3. Order

Choose how, where and when.

4. Collect the order

Directly from producer's hands or farm, or choose home delivery.

We want to offer you the best possible experience.

Good things need time, but we're almost ready to start.

Available soon in English

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We are green developers with roots firmly planted to our own land and we want to put to good use our experience with Mangio a Km 0.

team Mangio a Km 0

Giovanni Acquaviva

Co Founder

Vincenzo Valente

Co Founder